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Awesome Benefits

Happy Employees / Healthy Employees / Higher Profits

Employers with work site health promotion programs see on average:

0% reduction
In sick leave absenteeism
0% reduction
In health costs
0% reduction
In workers' compensation and disability claims
source: Society for Human Resource Management
0% more
Obese individuals (body mass index > 30) spend 42% more on health care than their healthy-weight counterparts.
source: Health Affairs
$5,800 more
On average, smokers miss 2.5 more work days than non-smokers each year, and cost their employers $5,800 annually in reduced productivity and higher medical costs.
source: Gallup; Tobacco Control
save $5 to $16
For every dollar invested in EAP service, employers save between $5 and $16.
source: U.S. Department of Labor
average savings of $5.81
For every dollar invested in wellness, employers saw an average savings of $5.81 due to improved employee health and reduced medical claims.
source: Society for Human Resource Management
Influenza typically leads to 100 million lost workdays per flu season;
two-thirds of the missed workdays are employer-paid sick time contributing to $16.3 billion in lost earnings.
source: Partnership for Prevention